Waka Waka

Waka Waka

WakaWaka makes portable solar powered lamps & chargers with a mission: when you buy a WakaWaka the ‘West’ give you one to a family living in the dark!

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WakaWaka is an impact driven, social venture that fights to abolish energy poverty throughout the world. We are committed to our sustainable business model that makes the distribution of renewable energy-based lighting easy and cost-effective. In essence we operate as any other business, but proceeds made from selling WakaWaka products at competitive prices are used to make them available to off-grid communities around the world at an affordable rate. 

Social venture, sustainable enterprise, benefit corporation: there are many ways to describe how WakaWaka works. Fact is that we believe that the combination of business and aid is the best way to generate positive impact. We have committed ourselves to harnessing the power of business for social good. Our whole team works for this cause and strongly believes that our business model is the way that will allow us to have the biggest impact as well as being the future of development aid.

Offering solutions for the 1.2 billion people who live off-grid, our products help make families self-sufficient, sustainable and safe. Solutions that fulfill basic needs, that work properly and keep on working. Solutions that are sustainable and affordable for families living on approximately $2/day.

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