Suju – architecture


Architects Susana Aparicio Lardiés (1973, Huesca, Spanje) & Juan Alonso (1971, San Nicolás, Argentinië). Have lived and worked in Haarlem, The Netherlands for more than 10 years now.

Architecture means more to them than just designing buildings. The great Dutch architect from the ‘60’s Jaap Bakema coined the phrase “ From chair to city.”By this he meant that great architecture respects the spaces that contain the chair and city and not just the objects themselves. Susana and Juan agree with this philosophy and design in a spacial way. Sometimes walls are not required. They are also very involved with what happens in their city and frequently write articles for magazines and newspapers and give lectures on this topic.

In 2012 they started the 1st architecture workshops for kids in the area, in the ABC architecture museum in Haarlem. In 2014 they also started giving workshops during children’s festivals, with the highlight being the Kids culture festival for the city of Oostende In Belgium.

“We are constantly searching for new ways to use our expertise as architects to bring enjoyment to kids. We are also aware that our work with children has had a very positive influence on our work as architects!”

“We love our job and love what we do. We get just as much pleasure from designing our daughters playroom as we do in designing a building!”

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