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Stoerrr is a design studio with a broad range of services that designs and develops interiors and products for children (Design for kids), for living purposes and businesses (Interior products), and other projects, that are made to measure for specific special and interior specials. The collection for kids has a cool edgy feel to it, but is always playful as well. Stoerrr was founded in 2011 by Koen Crommentuijn, a fully qualified master designer from the the famous Academie of visual arts in Maastricht. Carl Mills joined the team as head sales/marketing in 2014. Koen Crommentuijn is responsible for Concept & Design.

We have recently formed a great new partnership with Mocinno for the Hotel & Resort branche, Mocinno. To create exciting new concepts for hotels, fitness clubs and hospitals, where there is an urgent need for specific areas dedicated to children. For these projects we use unique and eco-friendly designs and products to create the ultimate play, living, relax and learn environments for kids up to the age of 14. Both for interiors and exteriors.
For living and art projects we work together with Gielens Wood  Design, for architectural design projects we work together with Juan Alonso – SUJU Architecture.

We are continuously looking to expand and improve our services, so if you think your products could be suitable for this please email us at carl@stoerrr.nl.

Stoerrr does not do mass production, but creates strikingly unique products, each with their own story to tell. Stories that stem from Koen’s own experiences, memories, fantasies and feelings. Like the “Casa Kubaa a toy designed to stimulate the imagination and motorical development of kids in a cool and playful way.

Do you also believe in a sustainable solution for a better future? Then contact Stoerrr for your next design project.

Stoerrr – Dutch Design For the Next Generation

Rooftop Playshapes (Puntdak Speelblokken)  RFTPlayshapes14

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