Riva Toys Experience

This small model is a representation in miniature of the legendary Riva Aquarama, a luxury wooden runabout built by Italian yachtbuilder Riva. It is made of precious woods, such as mahogany wood and ash.
The set consists of easily assemblable details meticulously representing all the elements of the original boat: seats, motor, left and right broad sides, sunbathing lounge seats, ship’s bottom.
Open the package and compose all the pieces allowing your mind prowl the oceans of your imagination.

Details: handcrafted in Italy;
Materials: mahogany, ash, water painting;
Dimentions : 27,8 cm L x 9,2 cm P


“The Stradivari boat” or “The Queen of the Cote d’-Azur” are only two examples of the endless variety of names the Aquarama boat got during the 70′s. The most famous of Carlo Riva’s designs, the Aquarama has become over the decades a nautical legend.
This wooden model embodies in miniature the elegant sinuous shape of the Aquarama boat with the use of precious woods and all-around attention to details.

Collection: Riva Toys Experience
Country of Origin: Italy
Released: First part of the 2014

riva-3865 riva-3870 riva-3864 riva-3873 riva-3884


Designed by www.madeindreams.it/

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