Water Melon Cat

Design you can play with!

To simply call them the owners of Water Melon Cat doesn’t do them justice, because as well as starting this great company Juan & Susana are also parents, architects, designers and producers.

They set up Water melon cat after their daughter was born. They were introduced to a whole new world of nappies, cots and also toys. Being designers themselves, the latter fascinated them and they soon starting sourcing great design toys made by famous architects and designers. A webshop soon followed.

Toys are meant to be played with, so the term designer toys often conjure up the wrong images. Of stuffy museums where things can be looked at but not touched and certainly not played with for hours on end. Not so here!

Water Melon Cat sells designer toys that not only look great, but that stimulate creativity within children.  Toys that teach you to play in a different way and that give a refreshing new twist to existing traditional games for kids.

What matters most to Water melon Cat is that the toys can add something extra special to people’s lives and that they are truly sustainable. Because these toys are built to last and can bring great happiness for many years to come!


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Mobile Lole

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