Veggie Fries

A tasty and healthy alternative for kids!

The vegetable fries were developed by Green Power Foods, a company set up by Marc Van Hulst with a mission to make the world a better place with innovative new food solutions. ” We believe that we can use our innovations to create healthier and tastier food products that are easy to prepare and help solve the ever increasing nutritional lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity.”


Sugar and fast releasing carbohydrates have been identified as contributing to these diseases and as we collectively get less exercise and eat more problems will only increase. That’s why Green Power Foods produced Vegetable fries to help combat these problems and help create to a healthier diet for us all.

Marc’s inspiration for the Veggie Fries came from a problem that we all face as parents. We want our children to eat healthier and yet they often refuse to eat vegetables. Pressuring kids to eat them only leads to more stress at the dinner table. Marc believed that vegetables shaped like a fry might be a a fun and appealing way for his son to eat vegetables and reduce the stress factor during dinner time. Well it worked!
Mission accomplished and everybody happy!

In the near future, Green Power Foods plans to create a whole range of healthy food solutions like Veggie Fries and help contribute to a healthier and happier world!

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