Ugly Food

UGLY FOOD – Ugly but tasty!

Oddly shaped food is now often discarded because it does not fit in the beauty ideal. Potatoes in the shape of hearts and tomatoes that suddenly look like they have a face. The green boomerang is actually a very curvy cucumber. Also named Ugly Food®.

Studio Baan  has conceived the idea to give Ugly Food ® a second chance. This initiative was born because it is not ethical that every year in the Netherlands about 40 million pounds (!) in fruits and vegetables is thrown away just because they do not have a perfect form, color or size.

The Greenery, a company that provides fresh fruit, vegetables and mushrooms, has become enthusiastic for the initiative. It is important now to find national and international partners. For examples growers who want to deliver UGLY FOOD ®, logistics partners like The Greenery but also customers like care facilities, hospitals, caterers and large supermarket chains. Anyone who is enthusiastic about the UGLY FOOD® concept can join.

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