NYOYN Social interactions

NYOYN is a young and enthusiastic organisation that has grown into a respected developer of interactive products and concepts within just a few years. Owner Bart van Goch leads a passionate team. Part of the passion comes from the fact that Bart is a father of 2 daughters, the eldest with Down’s Syndrome. This led to a deep desire to create change and enjoyment in their lives. It was a logical step to begin in the Care Sector. NYOYN now works for several organisations, also for some outside the Care Sector.

NYOYN intends to spread its wings way beyond The Netherlands as a prominent leader in the development of sustainable social innovations. By using their creativity, desire to innovate and close ties to the well know “Brainport” region in Eindhoven, they are constantly creating the most amazing things that bring a smile to people’s faces. That’s what NYOYN was set up to do. Bring a bit of joy and happiness to peoples lives!

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