Young Kids love playing on the Ipad. Parents want them to spend more time learning and less time gaming.

How can you get the best of both worlds?
Well Marbotic, an innovative French company may just of come up with the perfect solution. Smart letters and numbers. A great way for kids under 5 to learn how to count and read while using the beloved Ipad.


Smart letters and Smart numbers blends old fashioned wooden numbers and letters with smart technology to create a fun and exciting new way for young children to get a head start in learning to spell and count.
Children solve simple sums and discover the concepts of addition and subtraction and can develop their spelling skills while having a lot of fun on the Ipad.

With Smart letters and Numbers Marbotic have combined the best of two worlds and created a great new educative tool that uses app technology and old school wooden toys.
It is very easy to use and has enough rich content to captivate and inspire children with even the shortest attention spans.

Marbotic Smart Letters and Numbers, the new Smart way to play and learn!

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