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“If you make them a promise you better make sure you keep it!”.  A voice whispered in my ear.

I had just promised my kids the best day of their lives.

Stupid, I know, because now I had to keep my word! But where should we go? What should we do? And more importantly, where could I find the information to make it all happen?

I stumbled from site to site without any real luck. Sure I found a few bits and pieces to the puzzle, but piecing the whole picture from all the different sites was giving me a headache. Surely there had to be a better way?

Well actually, now there is. A site that we created ourselves. And not just for the most amazing days out, because apparently other parents promise their kids even more than I did. The coolest kids rooms, toys, clothes , books, holidays, the list goes on and on. You name it, they promised it!

Talking of names, well ours is The Kids Collective and it’s basically what the name says. A collection of great stuff just for parents and young kids. We’ve selected the most beautiful, amazing, fun, phat and coolest available. Furniture for kids rooms. High tech toys. The hippest fashion. Great child friendly places to eat and lots of unique and unforgettable experiences. ( Day trips, but then a little out of the ordinary.)

“Who are you?” I hear you ask. Good question!

Well we’re 2 dads with a lot of experience in keeping kids happy and the founders of www.billysplayground.com and www.stoerrr.nl

And just like all those other parents out there we want to give our kids the best that we can.

So if you’re looking for something special, you’ve come to the right place!

The Kids Collective is constantly evolving, growing and being re-refreshed. So if you’ve experienced something amazing that everyone should know about and it’s not yet on the site, drop us a line at info@dekidscollective.com. We appreciate it!

If you have a business, service or product that is beautiful, cool, fun or even just very handy, please email us a link and we’ll check it out!

Have fun on De Kids Collective and don’t worry about all the promises that you make your kids, because now you’ll probably be able to keep them!

Carl Mills

Koen Crommentuijn

Koen Crommentuijn







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